As you will have understood, thanks to this new Basoche private club, your loyalty and your support will be rewarded.

As soon as you are connected to our website , having previously created your personal account, you will discover a new special MEMBERS ONLY MENU where you can have exclusive access to our various Private Sales, Events, Private Shopping as well as any other types of events that we may do in the future...

Be sure! You are in the right place!

This private club and loyalty program is available in store, but also on our website.

The rules are simple:

For each Euro spent in store and/or online, your account will be credited with 1 POINT
(1€ = 1 POINT - in store and on
And, the more points you accumulate, the more benefits you earn.

Do you think that's not enough?

  • Subscribe to our newsletters to earn 10 POINTS
  • Follow @Basoche.lh on Instagram to earn 20 POINTS

And yes, you understood correctly! In a few clicks you can be credited with 30 POINTS !

In addition, for each of our new Instagram posts, you can share them in your story by mentioning @basoche.lh in order to be rewarded with 1 POINT per REPOST.

Please note: Repost rewards will only be allowed for a period of 3 months from the date of membership , and only on new Instagram posts published after your date of membership . The repost of our old posts is not counted.

Now you gonna tell us
“It's cool to accumulate points, but how do you redeem them? »

Do not panic! We explain to you:

(If you want to know more, don't hesitate to go to the "CGV Members Only" section)

As soon as you register, the vendors will give you a Basoche envelope containing the basic instruction letter for the loyalty program, as well as a Basoche Black Card and a sticker reserved exclusively for MEMBERS ONLY .

(don't lose it, stick it in the right place, it's a collector's item)

For those who cannot come to the store, the Basoche envelope will be sent to you on your next order on the website.